Understanding Government
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WhAt we do

Understanding Government

The Need

Your organisation is likely to interact with government hundreds, if not thousands, of times, each year. If it is itself a public entity, it will do so even more often.  Whether such interactions prove fruitful or frustrating will depend on your understanding of how government works and where your interests and those of the branch of government with whom you deal currently intersect. This becomes more difficult as government grows ever more complex at a time when the mainstream media are scaling back in-depth Parliamentary coverage in favour of political ephemera. There is, therefore, a serious need for deeper understanding. It is this that the SCN service is designed to address.


the answer

SCN is a private news and information service devoted to providing accurate coverage of everything significant and knowable that is occurring across the wide arc of government. And doing so in a timely, succinct and cost efficient manner.  Our writers cover select committees – the engine room of Parliament – in depth.  We also peruse the hundreds of documents (reports, position papers, draft legislation and ministerial announcements), released each week; précising, scouring out puffery, reducing content to simple descriptions of government positions and intentions on relevant issues and providing hyperlinks to source material. There is little that we miss.





Our reporting

SCN Reporting comes in three main forms:

  1. Detailed coverage of the Prime Minister’s post-Cabinet press coverage emailed to subscribers overnight Monday;

  2. The weekly SCN publication at mid-day each Friday covering the week across government, including summaries of the week’s select committee meetings; and

  3. Full notes of these same meetings e-mailed over the weekend.

Subscribers are also free to contact our Editor directly when they have questions on any issue – current or historical. All material is copyright and republication without permission is not permitted.



who we serve

 Originally conceived to answer the needs of major law firms, SCN now also serves: corporates, government departments, SOEs, financial service providers, local bodies, NGOs, industry representative organisations, charities and a host of others. SCN also supplies a Parliamentary Library edition which is used by both Members of Parliament and hundreds of support staff within the Parliamentary complex.

The weekly SCN almost certainly has the most influential readership of any equivalent sized news service in the nation.



who we are

SCN Editor, Julie Collier (above) – a former broadcaster with RNZ – has edited SCN from its inception, beginning with the introduction of MMP government. As such, she has a prodigious knowledge of how both the House and the Executive operate. Julie is supported by her fellow director – a former chief press secretary in the Beehive – and a pool of young graduates and under-graduates on the cusp of their professional careers.


Contact Julie.


Contact our Editor:

Julie Collier
+64 274 506 385